Maryville College Housing Agreement

Maryville College Housing Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

If you`re a student planning to attend Maryville College, one of the most important things you`ll need to do is secure housing for your time there. Thankfully, Maryville College offers a variety of housing options for its students, and in order to secure your spot, you`ll need to sign a housing agreement.

Here`s everything you need to know about the Maryville College housing agreement.

What is the Maryville College Housing Agreement?

The Maryville College Housing Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of your housing while you`re a student at Maryville College. The agreement covers everything from rent payments to rules and regulations about living on campus.

Who Needs to Sign the Housing Agreement?

All students who plan to live on campus at Maryville College must sign the housing agreement. This includes both incoming and returning students.

What are the Terms of the Housing Agreement?

The terms of the housing agreement vary depending on the specific housing option you choose, but generally, the agreement covers the following:

– Rent payments and due dates

– Move-in and move-out dates

– Rules and regulations regarding roommates and guests

– Policies on drugs, alcohol, and other prohibited activities

– Security measures

– Maintenance and repair responsibilities

– Cancellation policies

It`s important to read the housing agreement carefully and thoroughly before signing it, as it is a legally binding contract.

How Do I Sign the Housing Agreement?

Once you`ve been accepted to Maryville College and have decided on your housing option, you`ll be required to sign the housing agreement. You`ll typically receive the housing agreement via email or through the Maryville College housing portal.

To sign the agreement, simply follow the instructions provided by Maryville College. You may need to print out the agreement, sign it, and then either scan and email it back or mail it to the college.

What Happens if I Violate the Terms of the Housing Agreement?

If you violate the terms of the housing agreement, you may face consequences ranging from disciplinary action to eviction from your housing unit. It`s important to take the housing agreement seriously and abide by all its terms and conditions.

In Conclusion

The Maryville College housing agreement is an important document that outlines your housing responsibilities while you`re a student at the college. By understanding and abiding by the terms of the agreement, you can ensure a positive housing experience and avoid any potential consequences.